What will be new in ZF 1.8

In February or March 2009 the 1.8 version of the Zend Framework is scheduled to be released. I have contributed some stuff already regarding ZendX_JQuery and Zend_Soap.

Both components have seen numerous bugfixes and I managed to get the JQuery helper down to zero open issues. I have also taken over the Zend_Json_Expr proposal, which will be a huge benefit to everything JSON that can be done with ZF. Foremost it is an integral part for the jQuery component which heavily relies on javascript callbacks.

The Soap Autodiscover and WSDL classes compatibility with Java and .NET has been optimized due to great user feedback, as well as some bugfixes to the newly added WSDL type detection strategies.

Additionally I went on another bug killing spree and fixed around 20-30 old bugs in a wide range of different components.

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