ZF 1.7: jQuery is in! Zend_Soap with lots of Bugfixes.

The next version of Zend Framework will appear quite soon (16th November) and there will be lots of buzz about Zend Amf, the new component sponsored by Adobe to support Adobe Flash (or other tools) to PHP communications.

Besides the buzz there is some stuff from me getting into the Zend Framework. jQuery View and Form Helpers will allow you to throw the Dojo stuff away and use the great jQuery. This is of course inherently subjective, but still different opportunities are always great.

Additionally I have been fixing quite some bugs on the Zend Soap component and will manage to fix further stuff until the 1.7 release I hope. This will make especially Wsdl and AutoDiscover produce valid WSDL XML plus adds setObject() support to Zend_Soap_Server.

You can now choose between several strategies to evaluate complex types in WSDL Autodiscovering. Array of Datatypes (simple or complex) via type[] syntax and complex objects can be parsed differently now based on settings.

More about: ZendFramework / SOAP

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