Zend_Form - Rapid Development Plugin for Eclipse?

I found some time in the last weeks to reconsider Zend Framework, this time in the 1.5 version, for this blog software and rewrote all Forms using the new Zend_Form component. I have to say, i love it. Its very easy using the already existing Zend_Validate and Zend_Filter components as input for the generated form fields. Another plus is the handling of errors in input and re-entering/displaying text.

There is also a neat feature of the Zend_Form component, which allows to generate complete forms by passing an appropriately formatted Zend_Config_Ini object to the Zend_Form Constructor. So my idea was, why not program an Eclipse Plugin allowing to rapidly generate and edit forms using a point-and-click plugin window approach, which would ultimately generate your Form INI code.

This might have been a great Google Summer of Code idea for the Eclipse Foundation (since Zend is not taking part).

More about: ZendFramework

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